Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 5 - Decade/Era

This weeks assignment was to shoot a photo from a specific time period or era. We got a pretty wide range of time dating from before christ up to the 90's.

Andrew - Andrew took this shot of his grandma in her bedroom. Next to her are old photos of his grandfather that were taken throughout the years. This one wasnt one specific decade but more of a lifespan.

Annie - went with a mod 60's look in this stunning photo

Frank - This one goes way back to the land before christ. Here Adam takes a bite out of the forbidden apple. A menacing snake is coiled around his neck who just bit him.

Lauren - This one is from 1992 to be exact. The ringpop brought me back to my childhood.

Kyle - decided to combine his love of shooting fashion with his love of classic Furniture Design. The Chairs are 60's Herman Miller Eames Designs and the outfits were both 60's as well.

Nas - was inspired by articles in Seattle Magazine from the late sixties. He'd been reading on race relations and the black panther movement in Seattle.

Ursula - 60's french - trying to capture the essence over the style.

Nick - Heavily influenced by the late 80's to early 90's, this aztec print clad fellow shows off his gaming prowess.

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  1. Great shot inside Al's Music and Games on University Way~! :D