Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 2 (part 1): Storyline:

For week 2 we all wrote one sentence story lines and added them to a pile. We randomly chose from the pile and had to create a photo based on the storyline we were given. Here are the first batch from the group. Few more to come:

Lauren max-"You were just told something that changes your life forever" Lauren's self portrait was inspired by the one year anniversary of the passing of her father. She used his clothing as well a portrait she took of him to create this image.

Kyle Johnson-"He knows he's being followed..." I decided to put a play on the word followed using the all more common refrence to "following" on Twitter. My friend Phil Reed aka Pheed runs the twitter for Poor Life Choices as well as his own and has quite the following. I followed him throughout the day to create this series of images.

Clayton Ryan-"Your 18th Birthday" Clayton said his 18th was spent alone on his familys property listening to records and enjoying time alone. He encountered some bad weather the night of his shoot but still pulled off the outdoor setup knee deep in water.

Andrew Waits-"My sisters Barbie made me do it" Andrew's diptych involved someone hiding and the scene of the act they committed.

Frank Correa-"Fresh Love feels Funny" Franks series of images involves a guy impregnating himself and the series showing him ending up having a baby.

Nick Bartoletti-"A shopping trip." Nick decided to photograph the always awkward shopping trip of a guy buying tampons for his girlfriend.

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